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Mrs Khan Uyghur Cuisine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our commonly asked questions and answers about our restaurant. We regularly update with new details.

What is your opening schedule?

Stay updated with our latest opening hours on our website, Google, and Yelp, all in real time. For particular schedule changes, check our site and social media alerts.

Is your restaurant open for partnerships?

Absolutely, we are open to partnerships! Please send us your proposal, and we're excited to explore the possibilities together.

Can I order in UberEats or GrubHub?

Certainly! You can order our dishes through Uber Eats, Grubhub, or DoorDash at your convenience. We encourage you to order directly from our website, which helps with more direct communication and supports us more significantly.

Are you currently hiring restaurant staff?

We periodically have openings for restaurant staff. Stay updated by checking our website for the latest job postings, or proactively express your interest by emailing us at with your resume.

Are you planning to open more locations?

Indeed, we aspire to grow and add more locations in the future. However, our priority is to ensure we continue providing the highest quality experience at our establishment.

Does your restaurant serve Halal-certified meals?

Absolutely, we are a 100% Halal-certified restaurant. We meticulously source our meats and ingredients and strictly adhere to Islamic dietary laws in our food preparation process.